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Feb 8, 2022

How is your relationship with food? Is it one full of deprivation and sacrifice? For personal chef and coach Angelique Santana, food that doesn't make you feel good is no good. 


Tune in to this episode: The Alchemy of Food and Relationship

 with Angelique Santana.


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️ There are no rules in food and love. Many people's relationship with food feels punitive and leaves them feeling guilty. It's a cyclical thought of "I know I shouldn't eat this, BUT..." Angelique Santana completely redefines that in her vegan cookbook "Food Is Love." She teaches how what you eat should bring love, joy, and ease to your life by customizing a plan designed for your unique needs.


✔️ We express love through food to ourselves, our families, friends, and other people we care about. Experts believe that food is an additional love language that engages the senses and serves as a powerful connection builder. 


✔️ Angelique's journey and transformation inspire people and guide them toward a healthy lifestyle. Going on a plant-based diet helped her lose 25 pounds, which changed her overall lifestyle, and she became vegan. In 2014, she launched Eat With Angelique, a private chef service catering primarily to successful entrepreneurs looking for a way to fuel their bodies with the best ingredients possible.


✔️ A healthy relationship with food begins with self-love. Taking care of our family and friends is a definite expression of love. Yet, when it comes to our relationship with ourselves, how come showing ourselves the same love becomes a lot harder for us? If we want to achieve wellness and be wise with our food choices, it starts from the willingness to put ourselves first.


Angelique Santana is the owner and founder of Eat With Angelique, the small business she launched with a singular mission in mind - to guide people toward a healthy lifestyle starting, but not ending, with the food they eat. Angelique is a speaker, a coach, an author, and a chef. After graduating from the College of NJ, Angelique spent 15 years in fitness working for industry leaders such as Bally Total Fitness and Equinox. In 2012, she earned her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Halfway through the program, Angelique went vegan for 28 days and lost twenty-five pounds. This experience, combined with Angelique’s newfound passion for preparing cooked and raw vegan meals inspired her to start her own business as a personal chef, transforming lives through food, one bite at a time.








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