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Oct 25, 2022

Most couples get stuck in a comfortable routine and eventually stop growing together.

If you’re not growing together, you’re going to be growing apart. And that’s not great for your relationship.

Today, I’ll be talking about how growth can help your relationship flourish and how to weave growth more effectively...

Oct 18, 2022

Emily Williams, success coach and I Heart My Life CEO, started out with zero business experience and a fear of discussing money.

Working with a business coach helped her pick up strategies and mindset pieces to finally open herself up to financial abundance.

“It’s never about the money but the work it takes to get...

Oct 11, 2022

Recently, I wrote a manifesto with the prompt, “I believe…”

I got to the essence of what I do and why accessing the potential of our relationships is so crucial.

I’m sharing what I wrote so you can get to know me and what I’m about, AND to inspire you to write your own!

Tune in to this episode: What...

Oct 4, 2022

What is a soul gift?

It’s your essence even before birth. It’s what your soul came to offer to the world.

Mellissa Seaman breaks down the five soul gifts each person possesses and how we can use them to our advantage in navigating through our relationships and careers.

Are you ready to find out your true role in...