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Apr 25, 2023

It can be hard to get over people, right?

The end of a relationship, going through the aftermath, disconnecting, and disengaging are things we might feel impossible to overcome.

Go easy on yourself. Today, I’ll be sharing three pieces of advice you can apply to start letting go.

Tune in to this episode: Getting Over...

Apr 18, 2023

Our bodies are our best friends. You may not know it, but it’s always leading us to what’s best.

Activist, artist, and thought leader Sonya Renee Taylor shares her journey of listening to and practicing compassion with her body. This physical vessel we have never does us wrong, and the wealth of knowledge it...

Apr 11, 2023

Dan and I were chatting while we were on Necker Island together for an entrepreneur event, and when he shared the 4 questions he asks himself about potential partners, I knew we had to jump on together to share them with you!

Attracting and creating the relationships we want requires a level of intentionality.

Apr 4, 2023

Kids. Sex. In-laws. These are things that may come up in relationships. But the topic of money is always avoided.

Bringing two individuals together with differing money stories can either become a catalyst for conflict or a start of a deeper connection.

Real estate mogul and Millionaire Coach Krisstina Wise joins us to...