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Oct 31, 2023

From the captivating notion that 'plants invented sex' to the orgasm gap and the transformative power of pleasure, my conversation with Kiana Reeves takes us on a journey through the realms of our most basic desires.

Kiana Reeves, a renowned somatic sex educator, and Chief Education Officer at Foria, brings a unique perspective to the conversation. With over a decade of experience in studying sex, embodiment, intimacy, pleasure, and wellness, she takes us on a journey that traces back to the very essence of life itself.

Tune in to this episode: Sex, Love, and Plants with Kiana Reeves

 Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Intimacy is more than just the act itself. It's about deepening connection, bonding, and experiencing a myriad of neurochemicals like oxytocin and dopamine, which are connected to pleasure and orgasm.

✔️ sex isn't just about pleasure—it's also a form of wellness. Viewing sex through the lens of wellness reframes it from being an 'extra' activity in our production-driven society to an integral part of holistic wellbeing.

✔️ The orgasm gap is a critical topic that needs addressing. Kiana highlights the discrepancy between men's and women's orgasm rates, stressing the importance of bridging this gap for women to genuinely enjoy and desire intimate experiences.

✔️ Breasts are not just a physical attribute but a deeply sensitive and fluctuating part of our body. It's vital to give them the care and attention they deserve, especially given their tenderness.

✔️ Embracing self-love is essential. The body deserves love and appreciation in its unique form.

 Kiana Reeves is a Somatic Sex Educator, Doula, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, and the Chief Education Officer at Foria. She is a teacher, practitioner, speaker, and leading voice in the sexual wellness movement.

For over a decade, Kiana has been studying sex, embodiment, intimacy, pleasure, birth, and wellness. Her work in this field ultimately led her to join Foria as Chief Education Officer, where she has helped grow and shape the brand over the last five years. 

Her approach is holistic and includes the emotional, biological, social, and spiritual nature of sex & intimacy. 

She is a certified somatic sex educator & sexological bodyworker, embodiment, and intimacy coach, certified full spectrum doula, and mother.



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