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Feb 22, 2022

Since meeting them for the first time at a conference, I’ve been inspired and blown away by Alex and Allyson Grey, the co-founders of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM).

That time was shortly after my father died, and the Greys immersed me in the most enlightening conversation about death.

After that, a friendship was born.

Having been closely involved in a small group that helped CoSM come to fruition, I’ve witnessed the depths of the creative partnership that Alex and Allyson possess.

I wanted to bring them as an example of what’s possible and what goes on behind the scenes in a relationship of creative life partners.

Tune in to this episode: Sacred Partnership with Alex and Allyson Grey


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️ See through your partner’s eyes. For 46 years, Alex and Allyson Grey have established the habit of working together in one studio. They have made it a point to collaborate and stay involved, even while pursuing their personal artistic endeavors. They believe that the process of creative and performative partnership allows couples to get insights into one’s beloved’s thoughts and preferences.


✔️ Commitment is a transformative engine. It’s the override program for couples seeking to endure the test of time while improving for the better. Self-awareness and reflection of one’s past can lead you and your partner on a path to a healthier and deeper connection.


✔️ The number of years you’ve dedicated to a relationship holds no water unless you strive for self-discovery. Every day you spend with your partner, continue to seek fresh methods in accessing their consciousness to learn more about them. Marie-Elizabeth Mali dissects the significance of visionary culture in the post-pandemic world. 


✔️ Our partner is our sacred mirror. As humans, we dislike our flaws being pointed out, and prefer hearing about our positive characteristics. For change and growth to occur, we should recognize the dreadful parts of ourselves. Having a partner that reflects both our beauty and shortcomings helps us become better people, even if it’s uncomfortable.


✔️ Have an aspect of your relationship that benefits the world. Co-founding the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors was a divine experience in Alex and Allyson Grey’s relationship. They have deliberately chosen to create a place for religious gathering as an eternal service to their community – a meaningful contribution that they can leave behind for generations.


✔️ Work in connection with your creative spirit. Religion ties us back to the divine and the core of our being. Whether you’re an artist or someone wishing to play a positive part in this world, everyone is a medium of transmission of imaginative flow. When we make life-changing decisions, the universe or any other higher being we believe in expands and makes it possible for us.

The art of Alex Grey represents realms of visionary consciousness, interweaving the anatomy of body and soul. In Grey’s paintings, the light of spirit illuminates the core of each being, depicting psychedelic mystical experiences with artwork that has touched and inspired millions. Alex has authored five books, including three monographs, had countless exhibitions, and extensive reproductions and articles about his artwork. His speaking appearances, including a popular TED talk and his work with the rock band TOOL on three albums, including stage sets, animations, and Grammy award-winning album art have made Alex Grey a renowned figure in contemporary art.

Allyson Grey is a painter and social sculptor. Allyson’s paintings address an essentialized world view, the artist’s interpretation of the realms of Chaos, Order, and Secret Writing. Chaos symbolizes the material world, a field of colored light made of particles and waves, cells and systems. Order represents the interconnected realm of pure spirit, a mandala of energy and light. Secret Writing scribes the untranslatable realm of creative expression. Educated at Tufts University (MFA), Allyson has long been an art educator, editor, art events creator, muse to artists, and the creative and life partner of the artist, Alex Grey since meeting in art school (1975).

Together, the Greys co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, a spiritual creative retreat center outside of New York City.


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