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Mar 21, 2023

What does it mean to be a man in the modern world?

The tides are shifting. Roles are changing. And emotions and vulnerability are now at the forefront.

Growing up in a machismo-focused household, award-winning author, speaker, and actor Carlos Andrés Gómez speaks his truth to inspire others and society as a whole to break generations of toxic gender norms. Hear his story and his ways of handling his relationships in the most balanced way.

Tune in to this episode: Reimagining Modern Manhood with Carlos Andrés Gómez

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Art should be done within a community. Gone are the days of creating in isolation. Meeting new people, receiving feedback, and hearing different stories are what help us grow as artists and individuals.

✔️ Excavate, don’t wrestle. The narrative calls for a more balanced view of gender roles. Be a good example to others so that younger generations can follow.

✔️ Master the dance of knowing each others’ strengths. Your partner could have skills that are out of traditional gender norms or some that they just don’t have the bandwidth to do. Work together to maintain balance.

✔️ Share your story. Speak your truth through your art. Allow your audience to empathize with you. Poetry and other forms of art are an investigation, not a fixed answer to the issues we face today.

✔️ Accept the glimmer of nonconformity. Be open to more nuanced discussions on gender roles and how it affects our authentic expression. Give yourself permission to go against the grain.


Carlos Andrés Gómez is a Colombian American poet, speaker, actor, and equity and inclusion strategist from New York City. He is the author of Fractures, winner of the Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry, Hijito, winner of the Broken River Prize and a #1 SPD bestseller, and the memoir Man Up: Reimagining Modern Manhood, released by Penguin Random House. 

A star of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, TV One’s Verses and Flow, and Spike Lee’s #1 box office movie Inside Man with Denzel Washington, Carlos’ honors include the Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry, Atlanta Review International Poetry Prize, Foreword INDIES Gold Medal, and the International Book Award. 

A genre-transcending multi-hyphenate, he partnered with John Legend on Senior Orientation, a program to counteract bullying and champion inclusive masculinity among high school students. Carlos is a proud father of two.


Instagram & Twitter: @CarlosAGLive


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