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Oct 23, 2023

Navigating the complex dynamics of working with your spouse can be both rewarding and challenging. Today, we delve deep into understanding these intricacies with Cierra Lueck, an entrepreneur with vast experience in co-working with her partner.

Cierra and her husband started their entrepreneurial journey together, starting with a construction company and later transitioning through various ventures.

Motivated to show her children the power of determination and the reality of success, she has also invested heavily in her personal and professional growth.

Join us as we explore the balance between work, life, and love, and learn how to navigate co-working effectively with your spouse.

Tune in to this episode: Navigating Co-Working with Your Spouse with Cierra Lueck 

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Journey Through Entrepreneurship: Growth and adaptation are essential. Your past endeavors shape your present journey.

✔️ The Turning Point:  Facing personal challenges, like Cierra's son's health issues, can be a profound catalyst. It's about showing up, even in the toughest times, and being a living example of perseverance for our loved ones.

✔️ Understanding Individual Strengths: Recognizing and embracing each other's skills is key. Identifying what each person brings to the table can be game-changing.

✔️ Recognizing Needs in a Relationship: It's okay to have needs and to communicate them. Don't expect your partner to always intuitively know what you need. Be proactive in expressing yourself.

✔️ Feedback after Intimate Moments: Transparent communication isn't just reserved for disagreements or stressors. Providing feedback about what you liked or didn't in any interaction can improve intimacy and understanding.

Cierra Lueck has helped over 300 businesses build their audiences and groups on Facebook resulting in consistent and predictable 5-7-figure months with smaller audiences of highly qualified leads. 

She has been a featured speaker for Taylor Welch, Rich Schefren, & John Madsen and is the author of Not A Sales Book. 

She is a wife of 18 years to an Army veteran and a mother of 5 kids (one being a brain tumor survivor). 

She is passionate about supporting industry experts to get their voices heard by the people who need them most with high organic visibility & engagement.




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