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Aug 22, 2023

Are you sick and tired of rough sex sessions that don’t get you there?

Intimacy expert Susan Bratton’s mission is to transform “having sex” into making love – by paying extra attention to your pleasure! With the expanded orgasm practice, you and your partner can reach new heights  while deepening your soul connection.

You no longer have to pretend you’re enjoying it. It’s time to get real and actually embrace and enjoy your sexuality through this method!

Tune in to this episode: Your New Sensual Practice: Expanded O’s with Susan Bratton

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ The expanded orgasm practice allows women to extend the moment of climax. It’s done in a delicate, sensitive way that nurtures pleasure on both sides while empowering the woman to take ownership of her turn-on and be in tune with her feelings.

✔️ Women, stop having sex like a man! We need to take the pressure off ourselves to get to climax right away. Release performance anxiety and savor every love-making session by acknowledging your unique anatomy and needs.

✔️ Slow and gentle is better! Teach your man to allow space for your appetite to build and to stay on pace with what you want. There’s nothing more exciting than a confident woman who’s turned on!

✔️ What’s in it for men? The expanded orgasm practice gives men the chance to be truly connected to their partner’s arousal with the right technique and skillful listening — women don’t have to fake it when it’s real!

✔️ Know the five strokes to reach maximum pleasure. Once you apply these opening and calming strokes, you’re not merely touching your partner, but also truly connecting with the warmth and aliveness of their skin.

Susan Bratton is co-founder and CEO of two companies serving the direct-to-consumer intimate wellness space. She is a manufacturer of supplements and a publisher of online courses focused on having a great relationship your whole life long. Her expertise is in ageless sexuality, sexual biohacking, libido supplementation, and sexual regenerative therapies that roll back the clock on aging. She is a sought-after speaker and has been on countless podcasts, radio shows, and television segments worldwide. Her weekly email newsletter has nearly half a million readers. And she is beloved as the "trusted intimacy wellness expert to millions. Her fans love her actionable advice and consistent support for all their questions no matter how personal.







Learn more about the Expanded Orgasm Practice here:


★★★ About Marie-Elizabeth Mali ★★★

Marie-Elizabeth is the founder of Relationship Alchemy, where she helps growth-oriented women develop clarity and alignment with themselves and their vision, so they can attract or deepen their relationship with their ideal partner and create a fulfilling life without compromising who they are. 


For passionate women having a “Now what?” moment who are ready to turn on their unapologetic power.

As a Relationship Alchemist, two-time TEDx Speaker, and host of the Relationship Alchemy podcast, Marie-Elizabeth Mali helps women communicate more effectively and transform patterns of thinking and behavior that get in the way of love, connection, and success in relationships and business. Drawing on her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and over 20 years of working with clients, she teaches women how to show up as authentic leaders in their relationships and work instead of twisting themselves to fit in. Marie-Elizabeth’s work has been featured in Thrive Global, SWAAY, and Forbes. She is also a published author with an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and an underwater photographer who has a thing for sharks. Learn more at