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Sep 26, 2023

There’s no denying it. Nice guys are toxic.

Take it from emotional analysis and resolution coach Ashley Cox, who’s been working with nice guys in taking back their personal power.

Men get stuck in this unhealthy archetype in response to unattended childhood trauma and unmet needs.

While it’s impossible for women to force their male-bodied partners to change, they can make decisions that benefit the relationship while transforming it by showing up with more authenticity and honesty.

Tune in to this episode: Why Nice Guys Don't Get What They Want (and What To Do About It) with Ashley Cox

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Be in touch with your rage and pain and get comfortable with it. Nice guys are afraid of becoming a threat. So they let go of taking charge. Ashley Cox advises men to be the protector against bad men, their partner’s self-sabotage, and their own unaddressed trauma.

✔️ Be a safe place for your man to express himself authentically. Instead of poking his buttons, explore your disruptive behaviors that block him from showing his real self. Be vulnerable — go first. 

✔️ Appreciate your partner’s efforts! Men and women are wired differently by nature. If you see your man being receptive and trying, don’t forget to praise him for that.

✔️ Women have more power than they realize. Not recognizing and disrespecting their efforts can hurt men emotionally and physically. In the end, both of you want connection. Work on building safety for it to happen!

Many women want an emotionally connected man but most of us aren’t ready to fully receive one. It’s time to find ways to soften up and own your role in the relationship and give him space to show up for you.

Ashley Cox MT, CTP-C, NLP is the first and only female international emotional analysis and resolution coach for ‘nice guys’.

She guides 'nice guys' to use their unreciprocated relationship to create personal power and more wealth.

In addition to getting and keeping their dream women, her clients have collectively generated millions of dollars from regaining their executive function and confidence after tackling subconscious blocks of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, anger, self-love deficit disorder, and pain with her.

Featured on The Conscious Man Podcast, The Profoundly Pointless Podcast, True Hollywood Talk, Disrupt Magazine, and in Lake Geneva Magazine.









★★★ About Marie-Elizabeth Mali ★★★

Marie-Elizabeth is the founder of Relationship Alchemy, where she helps growth-oriented women develop clarity and alignment with themselves and their vision, so they can attract or deepen their relationship with their ideal partner and create a fulfilling life without compromising who they are. 


For passionate women having a “Now what?” moment who are ready to turn on their unapologetic power.

As a Relationship Alchemist, two-time TEDx Speaker, and host of the Relationship Alchemy podcast, Marie-Elizabeth Mali helps women communicate more effectively and transform patterns of thinking and behavior that get in the way of love, connection, and success in relationships and business. Drawing on her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and over 20 years of working with clients, she teaches women how to show up as authentic leaders in their relationships and work instead of twisting themselves to fit in. Marie-Elizabeth’s work has been featured in Thrive Global, SWAAY, and Forbes. She is also a published author with an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and an underwater photographer who has a thing for sharks. Learn more at