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Dec 13, 2022

For the longest time, our upbringing and society have taught us gender-based expectations. Even with the tides changing, some habits are still ingrained in us.

When you feel frustrated as to why your partner doesn’t see the need to do the dishes or take out the trash, it’s important to understand the factors and know what you and your partner can do about it to avoid the stress.

Tim Wade discusses these deep-rooted reasons and different ways to solve these issues.

Tune in to this episode: Why Does He Do That? A Peek Into the "Mysterious" Masculine Mind with Tim Wade.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Have more compassion and empathy. While some men still believe there are men-centered tasks, others just don’t know how to do more feminine roles like changing diapers. They also have a more focused awareness — not noticing the stack of dishes in the sink because they’re thinking about the problem at work.

✔️ Sit down and talk. Share each others’ ideas of division of labor, and try to reach an agreement that is fair for both sides. Drop the ledger, and stop keeping score!

✔️ Your partner is not a mind-reader. If you don’t feel heard, talk about your concern. Let go of agenda and judgment. Listen and validate the other for understanding and empathy. Sometimes, they’re not hurting you on purpose. They just don’t know any better.

✔️ Be more direct. Men are usually listening for direction and instruction. Instead of being passive-aggressive, clearly say what you need. You can also help them preemptively condition their listening for them to understand what you’re trying to say.

✔️ Do a do-over. This is a great exercise in self-awareness and humility. When you show up in a way that is not your best, you can always re-do it.


After being blindsided by an unexpected mid-life divorce, Tim Wade turned his deepest wound into a powerful message of transformation that he has shared with thousands of men worldwide.

Tim created LionHearted Men Coaching to help men thrive in their relationships by teaching them the counter-intuitive secrets that allowed him to become a strong, confident, and compassionate father, partner, and lover.

Although his main focus has been supporting men to become the best version of themselves, his ideas about how to have an amazing relationship and a life worth living resonates with women as well.





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