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Feb 28, 2023

There are some days when we’re just irritated, right?

These are times when everything feels and sounds wrong and rubs you wrong the way, as if you’re being stuffed in a really tight casing.

Most likely, this means you have excess energy in you that needs to be discharged. And today, I’ll be showing you different ways how to properly deal with and soothe yourself in times like this.

Tune in to this episode: What To Do When You're Irritated

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Get clear on who and what you’re irritated about. Often it’s never their fault. Identify what’s causing you to respond this way.

✔️ Request for your desires. Your irritation could be triggered by a specific event where your needs were not met. Have the courage to verbalize it and see if things start to shift your way.

✔️ Expel that excess energy in fun ways! Pump iron. Throw weights on a padded floor. Scream into a pillow. Dance to an upbeat song. Go running. Masturbate. Have sex. Do anything that allows you to let that energy out!

✔️ Irritability isn’t a character flaw. It’s just a bodily cue that you need to do something about. You have the power to be aware of how you’re feeling and steering it into the right direction.


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