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Dec 28, 2021

The award-winning founder and creative disruptor, George Andriopoulos, knows what it takes to alchemize the self and not choose to be defined by his weaknesses and mistakes. Discover his inspiring journey of breakthroughs in this episode, The Alchemy of Leadership with George Andriopoulos.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ George Andriopoulos takes pride in being a father and a husband first before anything else. The CEO of Launchpad Five One Six shares how he had achieved more happiness and success when he did away with unhealthy competitions and focused on the things that mattered in life — personal well-being, family and relationships.

✔️ Balance is a balancing act. George imparts that it's the very definition of the word. It's going back and forth and making a conscious effort to accomplish your plans and purpose with limited time and energy. "Some days it works, some days it does. But as long as I keep putting the effort in to make it work as best as possible for my life, then I am, for the most part, staying in balance."

✔️ Be inimitable. Life is not just about wanting to be better than others but choosing to be distinct. We must make that mind shift as we're taught to compare ourselves to others constantly, instead of focusing on what is your unique thing and how to bring that out into the world regardless of what everybody else is doing. 

✔️ Leadership happens in many facets and forms, and asking the right questions is vital. It takes a certain kind of humility to seek help and be open to asking from the expertise and experience of others. A true leader knows that there is much to be gained rather than lost. Putting aside ego and recognizing what others can offer is an underrated quality.

✔️ Learn from your mistakes and learn from other people's mistakes. AS humans, we are experiential learners, and the lessons become more valuable when we have gone through pain and hardships first-hand. George reminds us that we do not need to get cut to know the hurt and hit rock bottom to develop resilience and empathy for others. 

George Andriopoulos is an established business executive, award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker and community leader with a fierce drive for success and a mission to bring global impact through his work. George is a proven veteran of the business world and has developed an outstanding track record of success in implementing strategies that elevate financial and cultural success organizations. After spending almost 10 years in high-level executive roles within the pharma industry, he began freelance consulting in 2011. While independently consulting for a Fortune 200 insurance company, George received multiple awards and accolades for cultivating sales and leadership training, which spring-boarded him in 2013 to founding Launchpad Five One Six, a boutique management consulting firm. 

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