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Jul 19, 2022

My partner Patrick and I were recently interviewed on a relationship podcast.

On the show, he highlights three questions that he asks himself whenever we get into conflict.

And I was so impressed with how he laid them out that I felt like it would be great to share them with you today – so you too can have better conflicts that bring you and your partner closer.

Tune in to this episode: A Quick Way To Navigate Conflict.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ The relationship is its own entity. The union between you and your partner is a separate being. It has its own existence calling for your attention and care.

✔️ Conflicts are caused by a suppressed issue. Conflicts aren’t ignited by what set off the fight. They’re usually started by something swept under the rug, piling up over time, erupting with the proper stimulus.

✔️ “What do I need?” Step away from the conflict for a moment. Settle yourself before addressing it. Get a bite to eat. Take a nap. Take a walk. Whatever it takes to resource yourself more fully. Then, you can return to the issue with a more open heart.

✔️ “What does the relationship need?” Pay attention to what it’s calling for. It may be your way, their way, or something completely different. Whatever it may be – it should be the way that benefits your connection.

✔️ “What does my partner need?” But don’t just carelessly throw the question. The tone matters most. Ask it from a place of curiosity, not condemnation.


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